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American Embassy Scholarship Award For International Student 2019: Easy Application

Apply Now-United States of America Embassy Scholarship Award for International Student 2019

Number of Scholarships: Up to 10,000

Estimation of Scholarships: This is a Full government upheld concede

Range of Scholarship: For the length of the program

Select your country of beginning stage. Hold fast to the specific direction on the page.

Supporters: US Embassy Awards in Africa, an action of the United States Government.

About the Award: United States Embassy Awards, an establishment of the US Government’s improvement help program for Africa, offer access to postgraduate guidance, getting ready and capable

improvement open entryways for suitably qualified Africans from qualified countries. On their entry to the workplace, US Embassy Awards Alumni are depended upon to contribute

successfully to progress in their countries of starting point.

Offered each year: Indeed

To be taken at: United States Universities.

Need Fields (shifts by African nation)

  • Agriculture/Food Security
  • Preparing
  • Prosperity
  • Open Policy (tallying open zone the administrators, open portion change, trade, overall system)
  • Common Management
  • Trademark Resource Management (checking mining-related subjects)
  • Specific and Vocational Education and Training (open for Short Courses figuratively speaking)
  • Essentialness (checking Natural Gas and Oil Technology)
  • Structure
  • Trademark Resource Management
  • Transport (checking Ports, Roads and Airports Management)

Qualified Countries: Algeria, Angola, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroun, Cape Verde,

Comoros, Congo(Republic of), Djibouti, Egypt, Ethiopia, The Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Libya,

Malawi, Mali, Mauritius, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sao Tome and Principe, Senegal,

Seychelles, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Togo, Tunisia, Uganda, Zambia, etc.

Despite the previously mentioned, the going with countries are equipped for Short Course Awards (SCAs)

Central African Republic, Chad, Comoros, Cote d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea,

Gabon, Mauritania, Niger, North Sudan, Republic of Guinea, South Sudan

To be taken at: African or United States Universities.

Capability: Varies by country (see interface underneath for unequivocal country capability criteria)

  • You ought to be in any occasion 25 and not more than 50 years of age at the date of your application.
  • You ought to have in any occasion three (3) years’ significant post graduate work understanding. This work understanding must be in a vocation essential to your proposed field of study and to your business affiliation type (for instance open division competitors should show open part work inclusion, and so forth). Tendency will be given to candidates with increasingly vital occasions of contribution.
  • You have, as a base, a Bachelors capability (or the proportionate) from an apparent Institution of at
  • least 4 years in length with at any rate a second rate Class Pass.

Target Group

You are a national of an African country. See country list underneath

You are an early or mid-occupation capable working in the Public Sector, the Private Sector or a Nongovernment

Affiliation (Civil Society) in one of the recorded need fields of study.

You wish to endeavor a Masters capability in Australia in one of the recorded need fields of study. You

can’t consider a Masters of Business Administration.

Apply here

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  1. I am to go Canada because want to continue m’y exama

  2. When i got visa

  3. Hello
    My name is Mohamed T Kabia am 18 years old i live at Sierra Leone(Freetown) I finished my high School education ,but I didn’t have money or sponsor that will pay for me so that I can entire University so am pleading Sir/ madam help me so that I can continue my education please please.

  4. Please I’m interested in job at Canada for any information this is my contact line

  5. Adimasu Burka Tula

    My name is Adimasu Burka Tula .I am from Ethiopia .I have first degree in rural developement and family science from Hawassa university . I want to.learn MSc program in Agirculture/food security how can I contact with you ?

  6. hi my name farxiya cisman Ifrom Ethiopia
    I just graduated from high school I need this
    scholaship to study and up my future me
    contact 00251939183719
    I have not money to go to university pleace helip me

  7. I’m interested my phone number is +225 77144021

  8. After greeting you I work as a waiter and I want to work as a waiter can I get a job and work in Canada

  9. My name Hamid Quraishi. I am from India. I need butcher jobs

  10. I want to lern need education Natural Management. MSA degree

  11. Isaac frimpong

    Hello dear friend I am Isaac frimpong from Ghana please I need a serious help from you please
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  12. Thanks for this opportunity

    • Hamid ullah khan

      I am hamid ullah khan I have four year experience in frontier core blochistan force in Pakistan my qualification is B. A. And I need a job my contact and watsop number is 0524010494 and 03480929287.

  13. I am Kartik , from Bangladesh. Masters of Business Administration MBA Student. I want to live in America

  14. Abdulhakeem Riad Ahmed Abdulqader

    My name is Abdul Hakim Riyad Ahmed Abdul Qadir and I want to travel to America for my reasons, difficult and you are retailed and you send the visa at the fastest time and this is my digital Yemen 00967777352607 and we are from Yemen living in Aden

  15. Am Able mpundu an a grade 12 student with a certificate I want a scholarship to study abroad an an ophan am in zambia.i want to do secretariet. my number is +260975136177.

  16. I love U S A +224625302354

  17. Do you guys have scholarship for undergraduate student of biology and chemistry?

  18. I my name is sahr peters am a social worker at the university of Sierra Leone which is the fourabay college

  19. I am Alphonse and I accept to get American Embassy Scholarship.

  20. Diriba Barkessa

    I am undergraduate student; I need from you assistance to come your country.
    I am from Ethiopia.

  21. I am from Ethiopia Give me scholarship.

  22. My name is tapiwa mutero I’m from zimbabwe.first thing I I’m a builder I’m looking for jobs in Australia, American,or Canada and please help me if you can and also i would love to educated more about building and construction jobs in u.s.a

  23. Adegoke Rafiu ajibola

    I have interest please if you can assist

  24. Dear sir or madam hi my Neame is hijrat ullah my father name is Abdul hadi I from Afghanistan my life is very hard in Afghanistan can you help me my visa because my wash l came here My phone number 0787171819

  25. My name is Mohamed drame from guinea Conakry ,I need a help from you people ,am an old students from sierra Leone, BO kakua junior secondary school ,but now I have leave school because of proverty ,my family is too poor ,I want you people help me continued my school back this is my contact number +224625302354

  26. I want to travel to USA for work. need your help.pleace
    help me for save juorney and beight future
    I would like to job USA🇺🇸

  27. Abi Assefa Ayele

    I am from Ethiopia and I have second degree.I am very interested.

  28. Am very much interested in going there to work

  29. i am soorgul shinwari from afghanistan i studied BBA and also i am a safety driver

  30. Kazi jahangir Alam.

    Dear, sir i am interasted.please sir you help me.


    I am interested.

  32. Nnaemezie Ugoh-Ezepue Collins

    I have submitted my full name

  33. I accept.my cellphone number is:+233549355803

    • hi i’m Abdulaziz Khamidov and i want to ask you is it really because i started the process visa to Canada i payd money but they lied me and i want to know who will answer for my money
      please if you promisse the people don’t be lier

  34. I am Alphonse and I accept what you have told me. I am married with one wife and four children two sons and two daughters. My WhatsApp number is +250782458331. I am in Rwanda in Africa.

  35. Kalu okeke elem

    Pls my contact number is +2348038869428,+2348147918841. I’m interested in the position of plumbing. I’m married Wt one wife four children

  36. Kalu okeke elem

    I kalu okeke elem accept the offer, thanks for providing me a job,may you remain blessed these are my contact number +2348038869428,+2348147918841

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  38. Hello, I am Tawab I want to invite Afghanistan Because we live in Marathai to death We live for us All Taliban are not safe For us the Taliban are threatened with death We oppress us

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    I Kalu okeke elem accept your invitation to Canada my contact number is +2348038869428,+2348147918841

  40. I we be happy if you grant my offer my uncle and his family are leaving over Dare so I we like to come over

  41. Kazi jahangir Alam

    Dear, sir
    Please sir you help me.


  43. Njei Juliet Angum

    Please I am interested in the scholarship

  44. Am Yusufu Fornah from Sierra Leone West Africa. Studying Electrical and electronics engineering. Got my certificate but now doing diploma. Pls help WhatsApp me. +23230630861

  45. Nnaemezie Ugoh-Ezepue Collins

    thanks for the invitation, am so grateful


    Thank you for the invitation.

  47. Kalu okeke elem

    I’m a Mariner in Lagos offshore here in Nigeria with chyzob oil and gas industry No 168 Awolowo Road lkoyi, Lagos Nigeria please contact me if you need any more information about me, thanks

    • ngono verstel samarange

      I’m a cleanner in Congo/bBrazzaville And i’mready for clean work,please call me by +242064474893 if you like know more about me thank you And lift god bless you

  48. I want to a job but i do’nt have a job

  49. I am graduated from high school and did work with my uncle as a time keeping later I was train as Mason now do construction building as a living in the Gambia,

    • Ousmane sawadogo

      Je me nomme Ousmane sawadogo je suis intéressé j’ai 32an je suis Burkinabè voici mon numéro+22678963716

  50. Nnaemezie Ugoh-Ezepue Collins

    yes I speak English

  51. Yes I speak English language and I write it too I really like to have worked with your institution to further my filed and my career

  52. Yes I speak english.and to support it, I’m from an anglophone country, Ghana to be precise therefore I’m a Ghanaian.my cellphone number is:+233549355803. Thanks

  53. I’m a scriptwriter.i can work at Hollywood moviemaking studios.i have written so many moviescripts to my credit.i hold BSc.administration with option in marketing therefore I can work as a marketer too.my cellphone number is:+233549355803


    Yes I speak English language and I right it , my contact +23230639503/+23277843400.

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    Please sir give me one chance.This is my contact-+8801733140939.

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  58. Nnaemezie Ugoh-Ezepue Collins

    am Interested

  59. Interested in free application.my cellphone number is:+233549355803

  60. Yes I’m interested in the free American Visa lottery.my cellphone number is:+233549355803

  61. Nnaemezie Ugoh-Ezepue Collins

    Thanks for accepting me

  62. My name is Niyongabo Ildephonse, I ‘m Burundian, and I ‘m Jobless so I want to be candidate for to go to Canada for to stady a Master s and to work there when Iwill finish to stady.please help me!!anather thing, I ‘m interesting of the politic of USA.Thank you for help me! My phone number is 25771428502

  63. Moussa toksel gaye

    Accept job sécurité yes i likem

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  65. Yes

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  67. Kalu okeke elem

    Yes l need a duty Visa to work in America , thanks these are my contact number +2348038869428,+2348147918841

  68. Kalu okeke elem

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  69. Kalu okeke elem

    Yes accepted here are my contact number +2348038869428,2348147918841

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  70. Kalu okeke elem

    Yes accepted here are my contact number +2348038869428,2348147918841, thanks for accepting me as soon as possible

  71. Yes i am interested American green card. Accepting.

  72. My name is Karamo Sanyang Gambian by nationality I can speak and write English language am a high school product I am interested in your job and I have a great skill that is building construction Mason.

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  74. Njei Juliet Angum

    I am interested

  75. my name is Mikiale kehase abrha
    I am interested,please contact me with my
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    • Hello.dear sir.i am interested.i am Shamim Ahmed.am 32 years.i live from Bangladesh.i love america.kindly help you.my contact number.+8801710984954

  76. Njei Juliet Angum

    I am in need of one

  77. I am highly interested to achieve my long aimed dream of stud in best country in the world to be best job performer in every place. Due to I have a BA degree in business management,I hope that to get the opportunity of MBA as well as PHD in further to be qualified for work as compliant experts of the century.

  78. Kalu okeke elem

    Yes l n duty Visa permit

  79. Dear sir or madam hi my Neame is hijrat ullah my father name is Abdul hadi I from Afghanistan my life is very hard in Afghanistan can you help me my visa because my wash l came here My phone number 0787171819.address hajrat.5617@gmail.com

  80. My name is MULUMBA Héritier congolese by birth ( DRC) I can speak and write English language and french, am a high school product I am interested in your job.
    +216 56989557.

    i’m now in tunisia.

  81. My name is Abel Nigusu. I’m interested. Please contact me with my phone or email .
    email – abelnigusu87@gmail.com
    cellphone – +251902574933
    thank you !!!

  82. I’m so happy if I got this chance
    I will change my life

    • Peterson Wondor

      I am definitely wishing to attend higher institution but dont have financial strange to help me pursue my sodium goal.Through your tireless effort toward me by giving scholarship will assolutely enable to gain this opportunity.

  83. I need your help and support i am interested in the job for any information this is my contract line +218911489183
    My name is Mohamed samura i am a sierra leoner but now I am in Libya

  84. I am Idosa kebede. I have Bsc degree by Agriculture. I am interested to live and work in America.+251947113724

  85. I accept

  86. my name is kalkidan hadgo from ethiopia i want any job please contact me

    • Mohammad Wali Stanikzai

      Hi dear sir
      My name is Mohammad Wali Stanikzai I’m from Afghanistan
      Phone number is

  87. Njei Juliet Angum

    I Am very much interested in the scholarship

  88. Yes am interested my name is Karamo Sanyang Gambian by nationality and am graduated from high school I did English language and I have a skill that is building construction Mason I really want to come to institution to further my career to Job with your establishment.

  89. i am soorgul from afghanistan i studied BBA and also i am a safety driver

  90. i am soorgul shinwari from fromafghanistan i studied BBA and also i am a safety driver

  91. i am soogul from afghanistan i studied BBA and also i am a safety driver

  92. Alieu Badara Bangura

    My name is Alieu Badara, really want to work as an accountant in any of your firms in Canada.
    Contact +23279986033

  93. Njei Juliet Angum

    Very interesting

  94. I will love to work in Canada…am from Nigeria.. please help me.. call me on this..+2349069977335.. thanks

  95. Dear sir or madam hi my Neame is hijrat ullah my father name is Abdul hadi I from Afghanistan my life is very hard in Afghanistan can you help me my visa because my wash l came here my phone number 0787171819..address address hajrat.5617@gmail.com

  96. Hello dear friend I am Isaac from Ghana please I need a serious help from you department please kindly help me with the scholarship to further my education please I need a serious help from you soon please kindly help me to get scholarship from your department kindly help I’m begging you to help me with my phone number+233242543932
    What saap number+233552790208

  97. Hello My name is Lmessa from Ethiopia I need to join your schoolarship and also I need your deep support

  98. I am ready to give fed back for what ever needed from me.

  99. yes my age 30 years old man best.

  100. helo sir/madam thanks
    I am very interested free application my contact
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  101. Yes i do accept from Maputo Moçambique my numburs are 0025846295942 or 0025866555060

  102. Mon nom Ibrahima Konaté je vis république of guinea je suis vraiment pour ce offre provenant de USA car je suis un étudiant je vis dans une situation critique je serais beaucoup ravis quand j’aurais le visa pour USA merci pour votre soutien moral, physique, sociale, économique surtout avec une foi très éclairé encore une fois de plus merci pour État uni d’Amérique et son bonne gouvernance en cas d’acceptation mon numéro est le+224-620-52-30-78

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  104. Yes,I need USA green card.my cellphone number is+233549355803

  105. Yes.my cellphone number is:+233549355803

  106. Kazi jahangir Alam.

    I am long time waiting this lottary.please you help me.

  107. Adimasu Burka Tula

    Accept or Agree

    • Hello. My name is Mohamed samura i am a sierra leoner but now I am in Libya Tripoli for any information this is my contract line +218911489183
      I need your help and support for me to go for the study

    • nirkrishna maharjan

      hi my name is nirkrishna maharjan,from nepal .i am in an espical computer enginnering student .plz help me.

  108. Kalu okeke elem

    Accepted my contact number is +2348038869428,+2348147918841

  109. berhanu weday nigatu

    ok it is possible

  110. Ok acceptance my contacted +251949194155

  111. Njei Juliet Angum

    I would like to have a job abroad

  112. Nnaemezie Ugoh-Ezepue Collins

    accepted , am ready to

  113. Kalu okeke elem

    Yes pls contact through my email address kaskainternational@yahoo.com

  114. my name is farxiya cisman
    I from Ethuopia
    I really want to go canada
    Am interested university
    you can helip me pleace
    Application for visa canada pleace help me sir/madam
    dear thanks
    Ilove canada and canadian
    canada is very good country

  115. You can help me pleace help me tamirai tesfaye dear thak you is very good countryEmail addresse tamirai1994@gmail.com

  116. Hi greetings to you all. I’m Yusufu Fornah from Sierra Leone West Africa. I’m student studying Electrical and electronics engineering. Please help me to get this opportunity. I’m interested to study abroad contact me on +23230630861

  117. I really want to further my education

  118. I wish you reply response it and thank you for your attention to wait your instructions and what to do after this step 0022569222015

  119. Chiquito Soares

    Hello Sir/Madam My name is Chiquito Soares my country name is Timor Leste I need to job. My HP number +670 7764 2422

  120. Je salue cette initiative louabl

  121. Sir, i need any harvesting labour job pls help me but I am not educated pls reply whatsapp 03143421459

  122. kabuganwa brian

    Am interested please secure me a vacancy in your company .
    Email me kabuganwabrian@gmail.com

  123. Munir Ahamed Bhatti

    I am under gruner I am C com & D COM IN A/C exPerenc 10yr I am 70yr A/Cjob or waiter service

  124. صباح الخير سيدي

    أنا شاب من الجزائر اتمنى الهجرة و العمل في كندا انه بلد رائع جدا

  125. Dear sir, I am interested to works as a Medical Technologist Radiology in Medical sex.but I am helpless and orphan.pls, you will got many thanks if you help me to get vissa of USA.I shall great full to you. God bless to you.

  126. Hello dear sir or madam this is Noorgul Noori from kabul afghanistan my life is very hard in afghanistan i was translator with us army force i want to go to canada or America i want to just out from afghanistan my life in very danger please help me as soon as soon
    possibel this is my number phone 0731621710

    Thank you so much dear or madam

  127. I accept your offer.
    My name is woqayatollah ahrayie.
    My job is an Officer in Afghanistan national Armies.
    I want to visit USA cities.
    How can get free visas?
    Please help me!

  128. Shahid Mahmood

    I’m ready working in American.

  129. Am interested moving to USA for good pasture in case every thing is ready am ready to relocate more especially in hotel, contact me through +256775255664 thanks good people.

  130. Sahadeb boiragi

    I interest join.

  131. Am ready to relocate to USA for better life.

  132. انا اريد الهجرة الى كندا

  133. Hi sir/Madam
    My name is Mohamed T Kabia I live at
    Freetown (Sierra Leone) I need scholarship to continue my education I have finished with my high schools education but my two parent don’t have money to send me University or in other hands help me with small job so that I can Arny money which I can pay for my university Fee’s please please
    my number 23280965123
    WhatsApp line 232080965123

  134. I am bakul chandra, i am bangladeshi, i am looking a dood job,

  135. Am ready for that it become true

  136. I wanna marry a Canadian lady, can you help to connect me with one?

  137. I want to go Canada

  138. Yes I will marry a Canadian girl
    if I get the Canadian visa

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  143. Deepak B Dhanuk

    Yes I’m intersted on job for canada

  144. Ok i need job please help me

  145. Mwesigwa Joseph

    Yes dear am interested and thus my number +256753218157

  146. Am interesting to go to America but you people use to tell lie to public which is not good if u dont have power to help to go to America please dont deceives others

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  150. Merci a vous

  151. Faisal Rahman Alimi

    Hi sir I want study and Worke in Canada
    And iam pass my school 77.5%

  152. Thank tell them I am interested phone number 0708486277 graduate diploma level security management.

  153. Hi i am interested please help me

  154. am kapaya Ben
    I came from Kamuli
    am student
    village nawanendhe
    sub country wandegeya
    district Kamuli
    I need a scholarship for university
    my father is dead
    I want to support me
    please help me
    my number is+256786305850

  155. my name is mikru .l am from Ethiopia . l was geraduated in surveying engineering .l need to be learn in master in surveying engineering.thank you !!!

  156. Hello plz help me to have a job in the USA I have all my document I’m school plz

  157. My name is koita Abdoulaye Bouna
    I am from Mauritania.I am interested in the American Embassy Scholarship.I have my Master’s degree in English

  158. I want this opportunity to be employed as driver please help m to get that job soon as possible. My contact details +258846976739

  159. mohammed amin ali


  160. yes to my give green card

    • Mouabi Anicel Bardol

      My name is Mouabi Anicel-Bardol I am congolese I live in Congo Brazzaville, I like work in canada but my two parent have note money to send me please I am free to go please my number whatsap +142/065867122

  161. accept but what your job project name

  162. Thank you so much

  163. Michael Aboagye

    I want to work and leave in the states

  164. hi dear, how are you?

    first for all i would like to introduce my self my name is anwar asssen . i live in ethiopia. i am a 29 years old young. am interesting to live in USA for the sake of prosperity. I have BEd in history department.

  165. My name is fabrice mananga i m from in angola please help me im interested i want to go to. In usa my number phone +244997432850

  166. My name is kamenga-mutombo-dieu merci
    Please help me give me your green card!!!
    +243 822549838
    +243 822376196

  167. Im 32 years old now

  168. متى.سوف.ينتهي.هذا.الطابور.

  169. I you get me one chance I will work with your team hard

  170. Hy dear sir/m I am amir Abbas. My name is amir Abbas. I am belong to Pakistan live in Pakistan. I am single person. I am 25 years old. I am diploma holder in agriculture field assistant. I have 4 years experience of agriculture. I have 3 years experience of as a electrician work in Dubai. Canada is a peaceful country in the world I love canada. I want come to there kindly can you sport me.

    • Hello respected sir/madam, I amir Abbas from Pakistan. I accept your offer. Am interested moving to USA for better life. My WhatsApp number 00923143911214.

  171. Tumukunde Stephen

    Am ready to work

  172. I’m from Ethiopia I’m government worker ten years work experience water construction Plumbering work and electric Installation my field study electromechanical technology so how do you help me phone number +251920462457

  173. Abreham Tiruneh

    i want to contact you with your email pls send me you email

  174. Yes l am interested to join with you I am in need of a good job in USA I come from Tanzanian country I have got 21 year old I am in school of pharmaceutical science so I need your help

  175. Yes…….

  176. Yes i will be grateful if i am taken as one….in scholarship and job too

  177. Alemayehu Abera

    hello sir I am Alemayehu Abera from Ethiopi
    a I want to visa work in Canada

  178. my name is sisay lemi .I’m from Ethiopia. my phone number is 0917037932. please call me if some thing new.

  179. I Want to work in USA please select me among the choosen person

  180. je refige avec tout ma fammille

  181. How do I have to get a visa in the USA?

  182. segun haruna steven

    I am ready.2 pls I am willin.my decision is a dream makin.any tin occur or interphe.my god help me.I am cryin in pain.my mother is in pain my god save me amen

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